Hey, Yippee, you found me.    Believe me when I tell you that your life is just about to get a whole lot better.

Getting a divorce or separating from a long term marriage will no doubt have you riding on a terrifying emotional roller coaster. You are feeling hopelessly lost and want to get rid of all the negative, painful, angry thoughts and fears continually flowing and filling up every moment of your day.  There is no holding back here, this is and will be a difficult journey and I will be there to help you through the darkest moments. You know those moments where you have given up hope to ever be happy again.

I provide support and guidance for women to help them to recover from their painful journey.  I specialize in supporting the betrayed person who has already done the work at trying to salvage their marriage and have come to the decision that they have done all that they can and have reached a place where it’s impossible to keep the marriage intact. Women who are moving into a new normal and who might be afraid of what lies ahead and need reassurance that they will be okay.  I work with those that need a helping hand as they move forward into single life again.  It’s a daunting and scary prospect to feel safe as you move into your new place in life. I’m here to help you make that transition.

I know first hand where you are. My 22 year marriage ended with my husband having an affair with someone that he worked with. I was blindsided, didn’t see it coming and was literally on the floor feeling that my heart had been ripped out of my chest, thrown on the ground and stomped on. The key thing that I learned moving forward into my new normal was how crucial it was to get support, as much support as you possible can.  The kind of support that will give you hope and reassurance that you can have an amazingly happy and fulfilling life again.  I know that you can and I can help you to see that too.


Women who get the help and the support they need have said things like:

“People who have also been betrayed by their partner have been my biggest supporter”

“It’s an amazing feeling when you come across people out there that truly understand what I’m going through”.

“I cannot believe the difference it has made just knowing that taking baby steps is helping me to feel that I’m going to be okay after all”

I can help you to navigate your way through to the other side.  Getting the right support can help you to soon realize that there can be a new and exciting life for you. I am here to support you whilst you go from “surviving”  to “thriving“. 

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” ~ Lao Tzu