“I have been attending Lyn’s Divorce Support group right from the start. She is an amazing person, who has the most helpful and informative sessions. The group, as well as Lyn, have really been there throughout my entire separation and I truly know this is a big reason that I’ve been able to successfully overcome and manage the entire emotional roller coaster ride that am on. I cannot thank Lyn enough and I will certainly continue to go and get the support and be with other people whom are going through the same ordeal. I have also made some great friends within the group. I think it’s very important to have groups like this, and thank you Lyn so much for your support and understanding”.…. Debbie Aucoin

Thanks. Again, you led a really great meeting. I actually phoned my sister on the way home to tell her about how much better I feel about the road ahead. You are a real blessing…Michael

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour. Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart.” ~ M. Morris

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.Rumi

I got involved with Lyn’s Group about 10 months ago.  Meeting and sharing with the other participants in the group helped me a lot on my new journey.  Lyn is a great facilitator, always bringing new and interesting topics to the table and coaching anyone in need of any kind of guidance.  I always look forward to participate in these meetings. ~ Monica