There are a number of ways in which I can support you.



I like to call this DIVORCE 999, this call is an emergency call if you like.  It’s simply my way of offering one-on-one support via a phone call or a skype call.

This call will be incredibly helpful for those moments when you feel you have hit rock bottom and you are unable to focus, when you feel that you’re not in control and your feeling panic stricken.    It will be about me meeting you exactly where you are in this very moment.

I know without a doubt that you will absolutely get to a better place as you move forward in your process of recovery but this call isn’t about that.

This is a time when I can give you the tools you need to get unstuck from the frightening place that you might be in on this day and in this moment.

At the end of the Divorce 999 call you will feel a shift and you will have moved on to a place of comfort and relief.  I will not end the call until the shift has occurred and you are in this new more restful place.

Contact me at the email address below to arrange a time to talk. I will do my utmost to make myself available as soon as possible.

Email me: info(dot)freshbeginnings(at)gmail  (dot)com